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Welcome to our website about American horse breeds.   The most famous American horse race is without a doubt the Mustang. It has given its name to the famous Ford sports car and starred in numerous movies such as Hidalgo. A movie about a Mustang racing through the Arabian deserts.  The Mustang is, however, far from the only American horse breeds.  Other more famous breeds include the Nez Perce and the Appaloosa.

Below you can read an introduction to a number of American horse breeds.

American horse breeds

AppaloosaThe Appaloosa

The Appaloosa is a very popular horse breed in the United States, where it is used for both English riding and Western riding, as well as trail riding and endurance riding. It is highly suited for work on a traditional ranch and many appaloosas are utilized as stock horses. Within Western riding, the Appaloosa is renowned for its ability to perform exceedingly well in disciplines such as reining, roping, cutting, pole bending, and barrel racing. Read more…


The mustangs chiefly descend from horses brought to North America by the Spanish during the colonial era, but other horses have also contributed to the breed. More isolated population tend to have a stronger resemblance to the original Spanish stock than mustang populations living in less isolated areas. Read more…

Missouri Fox Trotter horseMissouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter (MFT) is a mid-sized horse breed developed in Missouri, USA. It’s a muscular horse with a stock horse build, famous for its “fox trot” gait.  The MFT originated in the Ozark Mountains in the early 1800s, where settlers needed high-stamina horses well suited for working with livestock. Today, the breed is still used for ranch work, but it is also a popular choice for trail riding. Read more…

Colorado RangerColorado Ranger

The horse breed Colorado Ranger was developed on the Colorado High Plains in the United States. It is a great breed for working with cows on a ranch. The Colorado Ranger has great stamina and athletic ability, and many individuals know almost instinctively how to behave themselves around cows. Read more…

Chincoteague pony horseChincoteague pony

The Chincoteague pony, also known as the Assateague horse, is a breed of horse that developed in feral conditions on Assateague Island in the United States. This island – which is owned by the federal government – is divided between the states Virginia and Maryland, and a fence separates the two parts. Each side of the island has its own herd of Chincoteague ponies. Read more…

Carolina Marsh TackyCarolina Marsh Tacky horse

The Carolina Marsh Tacky, commonly known simply as Marsh Tacky, is a horse breed native to South Carolina. It’s a fairly small horse with a gentle disposition, and its sure-footedness makes is ideal for work in the lowland swamps of South Carolina. Read more…

Camarillo White HorseCamarillo White Horse

The Camarillo White Horse is a United States horse breed recognized by its pure white coat color and pink skin. The body is compact and muscular, with a clean-cut head and well-arched neck. The Camarillo White horse is not a gray horse that gets white with age; it is born white and remains white throughout its lives. Read more…

American Cream DraftAmerican Cream Draft

The American Cream Draft is a draft horse developed in the United States, distinguished by its creamy color (known as “gold champagne”), amber eyes and medium-heavy build. The particular coloration is produced by the actions of the champagne gene upon a chestnut base color. Read more…

Tennessee Walking horseTennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking horse (TWH), also known as the Tennessee Walker, is a gaited horse breed developed for farms and plantations in the southern United States. It is known for its unique running-walk, which has become popular in horse shows and similar events. It is chiefly kept in southern and southeastern United States, but found in other parts of the country as well, albeit in lower numbers. It is the third-most-common breed in Kentucky, behind the Thoroughbred and the American Quarter Horse. Read more…

The Nez Perce HorseNez Perce Horse

The Nez Perce horse is the result of a breeding program started by the Native American Nez Perce tribe in Idaho in 1994, with the aim of crossbreeding appaloosa horses with the old Central Asian horse breed Akhal-Teke. The goal was to create a horse that was similar to the horses traditionally kept by the Nez Perce in the 18th and 19th century, while simultaneously re-establish the traditional horse breeding culture of the tribe. Read more…

Horse Racing

American horse breeds are used in horse racing but only to a lesser degree. The most popular horses for horse racing are Thoroughbred, Standardbred and Arabians.  There are however also special races for quarter horses, Appaloosa horses, and painted horses.

If you visit a horse racing track on any given day you are most likely to see a thoroughbred or standardbred horses. These are the most commonly raced horses and the type of horses that it is most popular to bet on.   Arabians are also popular to bet on.

Appaloosa and painted horses races are often small local events and attract fewer bets. This is partly due to the lower interest but also due to the fact that these events seldom allow you to bet online.  Online betting now stands for a very large percentage of the total bets placed on most races.  Online betting sites such as Unibet, Redbet, Expekt,  Bet365, and other sites allow their customers to bet on races all over the world.  These betting sites make it possible for a Japanese bettor to place a bet on Swedish trav (Harness racing) without leaving his home or office.  These sites do however only seldom offer betting on regional specialty racing such as appaloosa racing.

Betting sites and bonuses

If you want to try horse betting online then you have many online sites to choose from.  Many of the sites will offer you a bonus when you start betting.  A horse racing bonus is usually rather small, and you will often get a more substantial bonus if you start gambling in their casino as well.  Online casinos often offer 100s of dollars as a welcome bonus.  Always compare bonuses before you register with a betting site. The bonus should not be the only reason that you choose a certain betting site but if you find several good sites with good apps for mobile betting then I would go with the one who offers the best bonus.  If the site offer a lot of other gambling options such as poker, casino, and bingo then that is a good thing to.

List of American horse breeds

Well-known American horse breeds:

  1. American Quarter Horse: Known for its agility and speed over short distances, this breed is popular for both work and riding.
  2. Morgan Horse: One of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States, Morgans are versatile horses used for riding, work, and show.
  3. Tennessee Walking Horse: Named for their unique four-beat “running walk,” these horses are known for their smooth gaits and gentle disposition.
  4. American Paint Horse: These horses are characterized by their unique pinto patterning. They are a breed of horse that combines both the conformational characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark coat colors.
  5. Appaloosa: Known for their distinctive spotted coats, Appaloosas were developed by the Nez Perce Native American tribe.
  6. American Saddlebred: This breed is known for its flashy movement and often performs in saddle seat style riding.
  7. American Cream Draft: The only draft breed to originate in the U.S, these horses are known for their cream color, which is the result of the champagne gene.
  8. Missouri Fox Trotter: Named for their unique gait, these horses are popular trail and pleasure riding horses.
  9. Florida Cracker Horse: One of the oldest breeds in the U.S., these horses are descended from Spanish stock brought to Florida in the 1500s.
  10. American Standardbred: Known for their ability in harness racing, the Standardbred is the fastest trotting horse in the world.
  11. American Miniature Horse: Despite their size, these horses are not considered ponies. They are bred to resemble a small, well-proportioned horse.
  12. American Thoroughbred: Known for their speed and spirit, Thoroughbreds are popular racing horses.
  13. Rocky Mountain Horse: Known for their unique chocolate brown coat and flaxen mane, these horses are used for pleasure, trail, and endurance riding.
  14. Mustang: Mustangs are feral horses from the Western United States, descended from horses brought by the Spanish. They are known for their hardiness and versatility.

Each breed has unique characteristics and strengths. Whether you’re looking for a horse for work, companionship, or competitive sport, there’s an American horse breed that’s right for your needs.